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Marwan HARIZ (Sweden)

WELCOME LECTURES - Wednesday 08 September 2021 - 6:00 pm

18:00 The DNA of the ESSFN
Marwan HARIZ (Sweden)

Marwan Hariz received the Baccalauréat in Beirut (Lebanon) in 1971, then studied medicine in Reims en Champagne (France) and in Umea (Northern Sweden).

He spent few years as resident in Gynaecology, then in Urology, before deciding to move as far as possible from these areas, so he trained in neurosurgery in Umea with Lauri Laitinen and Harald Fodstad as his main mentors.

He received a PhD in 1990 in stereotactic neurosurgery.

In 2002, he was recruited as Professor to the United Kingdom’s first established Chair of Functional Neurosurgery at University College London (UCL) Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, where he contributed to the establishment of a multidisciplinary clinical and academic Unit of Functional Neurosurgery.

In August 2018 he left London and went back to Umea´s University Hospital, to work with his new boss Professor Patric Blomstedt.

His main interests are stereotactic brain imaging, surgery for movement disorders and psychiatric illness, ethical and historical aspects of functional neurosurgery, as well as in critical appraisal of published literature in these areas.

He serves as historian of the ESSFN (together with Prof. Joachim Krauss) and historian of the WSSFN (together with Prof. Rees Cosgrove).

In 2019 he was awarded by the WSSFN the Spiegel and Wycis medal, and this year he will receive the Herbet Olivecrona award by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

His latest contribution in our field is on advanced studies of the DNA of the ESSFN and its various genetic mutations over the years...


Jean-Georges HARMELIN (France)

WELCOME LECTURES - Wednesday 08 September 2021 - 6:25  pm

The stunning undersea world of Marseille: portrait of two iconic dwellers in a challenging environment. By Jean-Georges HARMELIN (France)

He discovered the underwater world along the Atlantic coasts of Morocco where he was born 84 years ago and that he left at the age of 24 for studying the marine biology at Marseille at the Station Marine d’Endoume, a laboratory where he still works.He learnt scuba diving in Corsica in 1956 and never stopped this activity for both scientific work and pleasure of being underwater for admiring beautiful sceneries and taking UW pictures. He participated to many scientific expeditions around the world, including aboard the Calypso.
His first scientific work was dedicated to the endofauna of the seagrass beds Posidonia oceanica. Afterwards, he focused his research on the fauna living in dimly lit rocky habitats and developed an expertise in a phylum of invertebrate animals, the Bryozoa, not very popular but which has a major place in bottom communities.
He was particularly involved in the assessment of the benefits of protection in marine reserves and of the effects of global changes (sea warming, exotic species, etc.). In this framework, he has developed intimate and passionate relationships with two animals, very present at Marseille, which will be presented to you.



Wednesday 08 September 2021

Palais du Pharo (Congress' place) – Exhibition Hall

Come and join us for the opening of the congress and exhibition. This is your opportunity to find out about product innovations and discuss with our industrial partners. Or you can have a chat with your colleagues and friends in a casual and friendly atmosphere.


Friday 10 September 2021

The MuCEM Museum

In Marseille, the Mucem stands out as a great museum dedicated to the Mediterranean.

What makes the Mucem so unique is that it recounts, analyses and sheds light on the ancient foundations of this cradle of civilization and the tensions running through it since that time, all in the same place and with the same passion. Also that it is a platform for discussions about Mediterranean issues.



Covid-19: health & safety measures

The Mucem in complete safety: from Wednesday 21 July 2021, entry to the museum (for 18-year olds and older) is subject to the presentation of a valid health pass (digital or paper format). See our document HERE 

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